Gain: is a forced smile...

To actually begin with this quote from KPM´s lyrical work might be as right as it might be wrong. In any case it does not live up to his versatile personality or his immense body of work.

Who do we want to introduce than? The man, who is afflicting huge canvases? With different techniques at night? The man, who is able to paint abstract scenery, always monochrome -never monotone? The man, who wrote condense poetry microcosms of words - like the Japanese? The theatre-man? The worldly-wise, self-depicting person? The musician? The man, who lived in three counties (and in many more worlds?)

Unfortunately, not only in this country, productiveness is often regarded deprecatingly. Versatility often becomes synonymous for mass production.

Create your own image, make up your own mind, and meet a controversial artist who is tempting opposition, who can be called many things but one: boring!

Bodo von Langenn
Berlin 1982

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