Border Crosser

Karl Peter Muller, born in Mannheim, studied painting and graphic art at the „Akadmie der bildenden Künste“ in Munich under Prof. Xaver Fuhr. He worked with Kokoschka and Vedowa and established himself as a freelance painter as early as at the age of 21. Painting, sculpture, collage, performance and environment as well as music and literature form his artistic spectrum. KPM is foremost known for his informal painting, which he followed openly and with great impartiality.

The importance of enjoying life becomes evident in the vivid colours Muller chose. It seems that some colour areas almost escaped the stroke of the brush, leading a life of their own, yet being tamed by the power of the painter - works of sensuality and forcefulness that contain the aroma of the natural. The renaissance of the primitive that had been discovered by the artist of the 19th Century and was further on splendidly absorbed by modern art, was caused by KMP who confronted technologically and scientifically driven times with his very own poetry.

For him freedom of the art always meant to exceed limits, not to follow the mainstream.

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