The internationally acclaimed painter Karl Peter Muller loved crossing boundaries. He was an artist through and through who, already at the age of 21, settled as an independent artist. "The poet sings because he has to!" is a sentence from one of his sketch books. Unrestrained creative energy characterizes the life work of KPM as he is also known.

As an artistic multi-talent, he has plumbed the depths of the concept of freedom in all its facets – whether it is through painting, collage, sculpture, music and literature or performance. KPM leaves behind an energetic complete work, inseparable with the dynamic life of the artist.

Since his death on 05.08.2000, KPM represents for art lovers above all 'informal painting'. In informal painting there are no fixed composition rules. KPM, who travelled extensively throughout France, Spain and Malta, was fascinated by this style. The colours and lines partly dissolved in colour, create a vivid rhythm on canvas. Here, we show the series of informal golfers, which KPM depicted in an unforgettable way on canvas. The paintings are impressive, passionate and of a brilliant colour.

KPM's pictures are exhibited in galleries including in New York, Berlin, Mannheim, Tübingen and Munich.

VIP International Traveller Golf Edition

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