Art For All

Primitivism was discovered by artists in the 19th Century and was glamorously adopted by Modern Arts at the same time. Thanks to international traveller and artist Karl Peter Muller, who was born in Mannheim, this art movement is celebrating a renaissance in our days. Muller - or KPM as he likes to be called - studied painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. His oeuvre covers almost all disciplines of the artistic spectrum: painting, collage, sculpture, performances, environment as well as literature and music. Sounds and smells become pictures, pictures turn into words, words change into sculpture and sculpture transforms into space while space ends up in music. Among others, KPM used to work together with artists like Kokoschka, Vedova and Bill. His personal style and technique are not easy to classify - but if they had to be, they would be closest to Expressionism.

"Art for all," the main idea of KPM's philosophy, is also his reason for setting up a new foundation, the 'KPM Foundation'. The goal is to preserve his opus which consists of more than 800 pictures, 3,000 drawings, sculptures and installations and to make it accessible to a general public. In addition, the foundation will strive towards another goal; since a variety of organisations supporting young aspiring talents already exists, the KPM foundation will support works by older artists.

Kempinski Art Report, 2006

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